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Danielle Lloyd-EdwardsMy name is Danielle Lloyd-Edwards and I am a fully qualified and experienced Psychotherapist and Counsellor.

I work from comfortable rooms in London, East Grinstead and Brighton.

I work together with clients to explore thoughts, feelings and patterns which are having a negative impact on their lives.

What is Therapy?

Therapy can provide a regular time and space for you to talk about your troubles and explore difficult feelings with a trained professional. This can help you to deal with specific problems, cope with a crisis, improve your relationships, or develop better ways of living.

The purpose of counselling or therapy is not, usually, to give advice, but to help you understand your feelings and behaviour better and, if you want to, to change your behaviour or the way you think about things.

You should expect your therapist to be respectful, dependable, and to provide an environment that is confidential and free from intrusion.

Sessions usually take place once a week, and making this regular commitment gives you a better chance of finding out why you are having difficulties.

Assessment Session

I offer an initial one hour assessment session during which time we would explore why you have come and whether we feel able to work together.

It is important that you feel you are with the right therapist for you and so there is no obligation to commit to therapy once we have met. We would discuss your options at the point of meeting.

If you can identify with any of these questions, you may find a period of counselling or psychotherapy beneficial:

  • Do you suffer from either extreme or persistent anxiety or depression?
  • Do you struggle to find direction in your life and feel lost emotionally?
  • Do you have unhealthy relationships with either family, friends or partners which you feel unable to change?
  • Do you struggle with food by overeating or undereating? Are you constantly preoccupied with what you put in your body?
  • Are you struggling to deal with a divorce, job loss or bereavement?
  • Do you lack confidence or self-esteem?
  • Are you peri or post natal and struggling with the feelings the pregnancy and birth have brought up?

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